What every organized as well as unorganized breeder or "just" a pet fancier can do?

To read the above information in detail and to read the abbreviated response to the introduction of
the positive list, as set out in the attached 'Rejected Opinion'.

If they disagree with the introduction of the positive list, express their disagreement by signing the
attached signature sheet.

The results of this signature campaign will be presented to the authors of the EU-wide feasibility
study in the autumn as a proof that positive lists have a "red flag" in the Czech Republic.

We hereby call on all breeders' organisations, zoos, animal rescue centres, organisers of exhibitions,
fairs, meetings of free-flight parrot breeders and other social events with breeding themes, as well as
individuals who wish to join this action and help gather signatures for the rejection statement, to
download the necessary documents listed below and help - we believe - a good thing.

Anyone wishing to join, please subscribe at the link below.

The 'Opposition to the introduction of positive lists', the 'signing sheet' and the LOGO identifying the
signing point, can be printed from the menu link.