Why there are two signature campaigns in the Czech Republic?

The signature sheet, marked with the logo logomale.JPG  , is part of a signature
campaign against positive lists launched by a breeders' group in June this year

(http://www.pozitivniseznamy.cz) .

The purpose of this signature campaign is to collect signatures demonstrating that Czech
breeders and a significant part of the public are against the blanket ban on breeding in the
EU, which is being promoted by foreign activists using manipulated and false data. Signature
sheets will be made available to European Commission experts and Czech state authorities
as needed to argue against positive lists. They therefore have no specific addressee and their
use will be long-term. It is not a petition, although the form of the signature sheets complies
with the Petition Act.

Independently of this, in September 2023, another group of breeders launched a "Petition
against the creation of a list of animals and plants allowed to be kept in private ownership
(the so-called 'positive list')", addressed to the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the
Czech Republic


Both activities have the same goal: to prevent the liquidation of animal breeding in the
Czech Republic as well as in Europe. Anyone who has this goal at heart can support one or
both of them with their signature. The organisers of both actions communicate with each
other and inform each other about the development of the situation. Both activities are
presented on the same website of the Czech Breeders' Association.

Your signature is important and will not be lost, whether it is on one or the other signature sheet.