Who is pushing for a "positive list"?

The proponents of the positive list are foreign non-profit activist organizations. We know three
in particular that are the most active. They wrote petitions in 2020 to the European Parliament calling
on it to enforce positive lists.

Eurogoup for Animals from France has come up with petition No. 0697/2020 on zoonotic diseases
(animal-to-human transmission) and the regulation of trade of exotic pet animals and their keeping
in the EU. The organisation Dyrenes Beskkytelse from Denmark has submitted petition No.
0744/2020 on the need for the EU to regulate trade in wild exotic animals for pet breeding. In the
petition No. 786/2020, the third organisation, Animal Advocacy and Protection (AAP) from the
Netherlands, asks for regulation of the trade the trade in and keeping of exotic pet animals through
the establishment of a list of animals that are allowed to be kept in the EU. In 2022, these
associations presented at a seminar with MEPs in Brussels a proposal for an EU-wide positive list
animals for pet breeding.

obrazek kdo usiluje.pngThe 80-page activist book describes the legal aspects of implementing the positive list.